Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Thought You'd Be In Plaid: Jason Aldean in Baltimore

I thought this would be the perfect night to catch up on the blog since it's Snow Day Eve. At least, I think it's Snow Day Eve. They haven't actually called a Snow Day yet. They are probably waiting until I'm deep in REM sleep at 4AM to wake me up with a text alert letting me know that I can sleep in. 

But you know what I wouldn't want to sleep in and miss? A Jason Aldean concert. 
Jason Aldean

See what I did there? What you may have missed is that I skillfully and subtly guided the conversation to a topic I want to cover. 

This story started many months ago when those Hickman sisters informed me that Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line were coming to the area and that we should go. 

And, by "the area," I mean, "Baltimore." Technically in another state. However, when it's the middle of winter, sometimes you need to drive to fill your heart with the warmth of country music. 

Tractors and whiskey > Polar Vortex. 

I volunteered to buy the tickets for everyone. Like anyone who makes sound financial decisions, my credit card was pre-saved in Ticketmaster to make quick purchases (but not quick enough for some people, BEYONCE.) We had six people total as Baltimore ladies Sarah and Jessica were joining us and one of my partners-in-crime Maggie was also game for the trip. 

I got the tickets, guys. I'll buy them. I have the pre-sale code. No big deal, I'm on it. 

Here's the catch. I wasn't so on it. 

You could only buy a maximum of four tickets. Say whaaaat? What's that malarky about?  

I quickly rushed my laptop over to Maggie's computer so we could split 3 and 3 and try to buy tickets simultaneously and be in the same section. Then I got confused or stressed or dyslexic or something. We thought we bought seats one row in front of the other -- we hit submit and thought, NAILED IT. Then we got our confirmation and realized we'd bought the same row in different sections. Is "geographic dyslexia" a thing? Because I think I have that. It would also explain my inability to ever take the correct Metro exit. 

Oh well. What can you do? (Learn the difference between rows and sections, I suppose?)