Monday, November 10, 2014

Too Cool for School

So, here’s the deal: I didn't forget about you. I know it seems like I did, but I didn’t. Several people have been asking me about the blog and I ramble excuses but the bottom line is: I've been busy. 

I started graduate school at night and have been busy writing papers instead of blog posts and reading (gasp!) textbooks instead of Marie Claire. (Hopefully my BFF-ness with Nina Garcia isn't threatened). 
Any excuse to name-drop this glorious tweet. 
It's true; I'm studying to be a Master in Public Relations and Corporate Communications. Until then, I’m doing things like studying, writing case studies, and taking quizzes. QUIZZES. I think the last time I had a quiz was sophomore year at Davidson. (Buzzfeed quizzes aside, of course. I took three of those bad boys this morning.)

Now, I’m not here to complain. A lot of people are in grad school. Probably half of D.C. fits that bill. But, going back to school has been an adjustment. Instead of just sitting home on a Friday night in my sweatpants watching Netflix, I have to sit at home on a Friday night in my sweatpants watching Netflix while writing a paper.