Saturday, July 28, 2012

Baby Shower Cocktail

As promised, here's the follow up to the crazy baby post. Rather than just tell you about the baby shower I co-hosted for Melissa, Pete, and Baby Thomson, I thought I'd share some of my new-found baby shower knowledge. You see, this was my first time hosting a baby shower. In fact, this was only the 3rd baby shower I've ever attended. Do they all have Jell-O shots or was that just ours? I'm hoping that's the norm. 

This post is for you people who have ever thought, "Dang, I'm never going to be able to throw a fun baby shower." Fear not, my friends! I have the recipe for a successful shower that will make even Martha Stewart proud (or at least a little tipsy). It's really quite simple. If your dream is to throw a baby shower, then find yourself a pregnant lady (and probably also a hobby) and read on...

Baby Shower Cocktail: Key Ingredients for a Successful Shower

1. A Pregnant Woman

This is key, you guys. Fortunately, we had a great one. Not only was she great because, you know, miracle of life and all that stuff. She was also great because she said, "For my baby shower, I just want people to have fun. Can it be co-ed? And at night? And can people drink? Just because I can't drink doesn't mean other people shouldn't. Is that ok?"  Um....yeah, that's ok. We can work with that. 
Dear Baby, I'm sorry your Mom and I have demon eyes. The "red eye corrector" wasn't much better.
 Don't worry, you'll understand soon. I'm sure it's genetic. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Does That Baby Toupee Come In Blonde?

As you all know, I will be an Aunt very soon. In September, to be exact. In preparation, I'm co-hosting a baby shower next weekend for Melissa and Pete (and the baby too, I guess.). When I say baby shower, I'm not talking your typical middle-of-the-day, name-that-baby, no-boys-allowed baby showers. Ours is co-ed, at night, and the theme is mocktails and cocktails. As the name suggests, this shower will feature signature cocktails, mocktails, and two types of beer home-brewed by the father-to-be himself. In other words, this ain't yo mama's baby shower. It's better.* 

*For those of you traditionalists who are skeptical at our shower turned partaaaay, know that there will be some baby-related gifts, decor, etc. 

That said, I've spent much time researching baby gifts and decorations. And, by "researching" I pretty much mean "aimlessly searching Pinterest." As typically happens when you search the Internet, I came across some crazy stuff. Naturally, I feel the need to share it with you because, hey, it's Friday night and I have no plans. Brace yourself. It gets a bit crazy from this point on.

1. Baby Bangs
I couldn't make this up, you guys. It's a hairpiece for your baby. In case your baby doesn't have hair. Geez, talk about some premature balding. Who wants to go out in public with a four-month-old who doesn't have hair? I can't tell you how many times I've been out shopping, seen a little baby and thought, "That baby sure is cute but would be a lot cuter in a toupee." 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Twenty Very Important Questions

This is my Dad, you guys. 
....with my Dad, Mark de Castrique. My Dad's new book, The 13th Target is out tomorrow, July 3. In honor of that, I decided to channel my inner Oprah and conduct a super important, life-changing interview. While other blogs have been interviewing him about literary elements and his career, I asked the hard-hitting questions that other blogs were afraid ask.  Some people would be scared to inquire about fountain pens or fictitious dinners, but not me.  

So, following the lead of those other - some may say "more legitimate" - blogs, I came up with twenty questions for my Dad about his writing and miscellaneous other important topics. 

(Well, it's more like twenty-eight questions. I crafted a few multi-part questions. Or, maybe I'm just really bad at counting.)

In all seriousness, my Dad's new thriller is really good. Like, crazy awesome good. (I think that's what the other blogs said - give or take a few more adjectives and examples.) In case you're somehow under the impression that I'm biased, here's a review from an unbiased professional at Booklist who describes The 13th Target as "a fine action-packed thriller with a very timely theme...readers will trust no one - not even the reporters - and keep turning the pages."

You'll find more information at the end (although, what else could you need to know?). And, if you think he's rad, you can LIKE him on his new Facebook page or Follow Him on Twitter. 

With that, here are TWENTY(ish) questions with my favorite author, Mark de Castrique