Monday, June 13, 2016

Get In Formation: A Night with Queen Bey

Hello, friends. I'm back. It's been over four months, but I'm here. I've graduated, it's summer, and the living is good. Let's do this. I can't think of a better return to this blog than a post about my recent brush with royalty. 

This past Friday, I stood in the presence of the Queen herself. 

Photo Credit. 

I'm talking Queen Bey, y'all. 

Though it felt like an eternity since my sister and I purchased tickets to Beyonce's The Formation World Tour, the day finally arrived BeyoncDay in Baltimore. 

Several of my friends were also going to the concert so we decided to all caravan and have dinner beforehand. To avoid traffic, we took the trusty ol' Amtrak, which we dubbed the YONCE EXPRESS. We envisioned it would be an empowering train ride with good beats and lots of swag, much like the Queen herself. 

Well, it wasn't.