Friday, March 28, 2014

Laundry and Other Things I'm Not Doing

It's Friday night and I'm doing laundry. 

Well, I'm thinking of doing laundry. I've been thinking about doing laundry for the past four days. Now I'm mostly thinking about going to buy new underwear and jeans so I don't have to do the laundry. 

This is the packing shenanigans all over again. I put the "o crap" in procrastination (you have to rearrange the letters, but it works.)

I was supposed to do laundry on Wednesday but I had to go workout and then make tea and sit on the couch looking at the boxes I still have to unpack. 

Then I couldn't do it Thursday because I had to go see The Railers at Hill Country.  I had to. They needed me to sway in the audience and do that thing where I awkwardly silent clap while holding my beer and my phone. Plus, they're awesome and you don't pass up awesome for, well, laundry. (More on the Railers later.)

Honestly, I don't think I can do laundry tonight either because I just started an episode of Parenthood which means there is a 80% chance I'll be a weepy mess in about 38 minutes. No one wants to be the weepy girl doing laundry on a Friday night. That's how you get a reputation in the building (as opposed to the reputation of being the girl who never has clean clothes...)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Moving On Up (er, Down)

I'm supposed to be packing. I have less than a week to finish packing up my apartment and so I really should be packing. 

But, you know how that goes

Instead I'm making playlists on Spotify (you know, to motivate me) and watching a Friends rerun. I'm about as good at staying on task as I am at staying on topic. Speaking of which, can you believe it's been 20 years since season one of Friends?  TWENTY. There is a whole cohort of people walking around with the ability to vote and buy cigarettes who were not alive when Friends started. I had to look up the year to make sure because I refused to believe that was true. That also led to me watching hilarious bloopers videos. It's not like I have anything better to do. Oh wait, yes, yes, I do...


Current state of packing. 
Here's the problem, I'm only moving within my building which means I'm highly unmotivated to get packed and organized. Thanks to the beauty that is "rent control," there is a less expensive unit available so I'm loading up the absurd amount of stuff I've been able to collect in my studio apartment and moving it five floors down to a new (to me) studio apartment. 

Although I didn't realize it at that time, packing to move states was a lot easier than packing to move floors. Then, I knew I had to wrap everything, put it in a box, label it, tape it up, and make it moving-truck-ready. Now, I look around and think, How many bowls can I successfully carry to-and-from the elevator without dropping them? I'm pretty awesome at balancing stuff. I probably don't need a box, right?

While I haven't been good at packing, per se;  I have been pretty good about throwing things out that I don't need. You may remember that I had to decide last time whether or not to pack important things like a CT scan of my own head. At the time, I kept that scan. But, surprisingly, in the last two years, no one has asked to see my sinus cavities. Go figure. So, I think that gem doesn't need to make the ride down the elevator with me. I'm also donating bags of clothes and getting rid of a stupid amount of Tupperware. Every night for the past couple weeks I've spent an hour or so looking through my stuff, throwing some of it out, and then collecting it on the floor to--you know--eventually pack. As you'll note from the photo above, I successfully packed the wine into a wine tote and moved a jar of q-tips from the bathroom to the coffee table to put into some sort of bathroom accessories box. That box is yet to be created.

I should probably get some boxes.