Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Your Christmas Shopping...Done.

Today alone I received 13 emails about Black Friday deals. Thirteen. That's more emails than I received from Obama and my mother. (And that says a lot). 

Now, before you stop reading, this post is not a rant about the craziness that is Black Friday. Frankly, if people want to camp outside a Best Buy for a big screen TV, good for them. In fact, I hope I know some of those people because I'd like to watch that gigantic TV sometime. However, come Friday at 9AM, I'll be sitting on my own couch, still in my pajamas, watching my normal-sized TV and debating if cranberry sauce is an acceptable breakfast since, technically, it's a fruit. I have been known once or twice to go to Target late-morning on Black Friday to scope out the damage - and one time impulsively purchase some amazingly heinous, gigantic-yet-comfortable, $3 sweatpants that I wear on the regular and are probably the reason I'm still single. 

Late-morning is the best time to go to Target on Black Friday. The people who got there at 5AM are long-gone and the poor retailers have just restocked for the second wave. Plus, it's less congested so that you can find some of the deals they hide in unexpected places - like the $5 toasters on display in the men's department or the $2 DVDs in the health and beauty section . Because when I think James Bond Casino Royale on blu-ray, I think, Yep, probably located in the tampon aisle. Real sneaky, Target. They really make you earn those doorbusters.