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Baby Shower Cocktail

As promised, here's the follow up to the crazy baby post. Rather than just tell you about the baby shower I co-hosted for Melissa, Pete, and Baby Thomson, I thought I'd share some of my new-found baby shower knowledge. You see, this was my first time hosting a baby shower. In fact, this was only the 3rd baby shower I've ever attended. Do they all have Jell-O shots or was that just ours? I'm hoping that's the norm. 

This post is for you people who have ever thought, "Dang, I'm never going to be able to throw a fun baby shower." Fear not, my friends! I have the recipe for a successful shower that will make even Martha Stewart proud (or at least a little tipsy). It's really quite simple. If your dream is to throw a baby shower, then find yourself a pregnant lady (and probably also a hobby) and read on...

Baby Shower Cocktail: Key Ingredients for a Successful Shower

1. A Pregnant Woman

This is key, you guys. Fortunately, we had a great one. Not only was she great because, you know, miracle of life and all that stuff. She was also great because she said, "For my baby shower, I just want people to have fun. Can it be co-ed? And at night? And can people drink? Just because I can't drink doesn't mean other people shouldn't. Is that ok?"  Um....yeah, that's ok. We can work with that. 
Dear Baby, I'm sorry your Mom and I have demon eyes. The "red eye corrector" wasn't much better.
 Don't worry, you'll understand soon. I'm sure it's genetic. 

2. A Co-Host

Not just any co-host. You need the kind that plans really well, is creative, and will text you the week of the party (I mean, "shower") to say, "So, I think I'm going to make blue Jell-O shots." For the record, the only acceptable response to a text like that is "Absolutely." 

Courtney and Seth.
Party Planners and Bartenders Extraordinaire. 
My lovely co-host Courtney is one of those unique people who not only goes on Pinterest, but actually does things she sees on Pinterest. To me, that's amazing. I have nearly 1000 "pins" and nothing to show for them. Not only is Courtney awesome but she also had her own helium tank....uh, yeah, basically I hit the co-host jackpot. 

3. A Theme

This is key to setting the tone. Our theme was Here Comes Trouble. Our sub-theme (that's a thing) was Cocktails and Mocktails.
Here's the invitation. The stellar photography is courtesy of yours truly.
I think the "Cocktails and Mocktails" part is pretty self-explanatory. In case it isn't, here is a visual:
Beer, wine, Jell-O shots, and mocktails not pictured. 
We had signature cocktails/mocktails with trouble-related names such as "Temper Tantrum." We also had an IPA home-brew and a champagne toast.  

I should add "hire a photographer" to the list.
This quality is horrible. Thanks for nothing, iPhone.
For the "Here Comes Trouble" portion of the theme, we highlighted all the fun mischief that comes with babies and kids. We put fake frogs in the flowers, funny glasses on the tables, monkeys-in-a-barrel by the cupcakes, and lizards in the utensils. Plus, our theme let us turn the baby shower into a roast of Melissa and Pete. Which I was was all for.

I surveyed the grandparents for our "shower game" to gather mischievoius anecdotes from when Melissa and Pete were young. Everyone then guessed which soon-to-be parent was responsible for each action. We learned that Melissa used to eat sardines with marshmallows and Pete got busted for hoarding 17 empty V-8 cans in his desk at school. (I couldn't make that up, you guys.)

4. Diaper Cake

The first thing you should know is that this is not an edible cake. I repeat, not an edible cake. If you try to eat it, it will taste like whatever flavor "moisture-detecting paper" has.

I'd heard of a diaper cake before but had never laid eyes on one. It's more a decorative gift then anything else. I didn't realize how involved it was to create one until my Mom called me one Sunday to see what I was doing. I had to respond with, "I'm sitting on the floor rolling 108 Sesame Street Size 1, Moisture-Detecting Diapers. What about you?"

My google search of "Diaper Cake Instructions" revealed that the kind of diaper you choose is very important. I didn't realize there were so many kinds. I was under the impression that there was one basic kind - the kind that holds pee - and that it came in some kind of basic sizing like: small, medium, large, extra chubby. Here's the key you guys, get Size One. And get the "Moisture-Detecting." Thank God for Google. 

Actually, the Diaper Cake was kind of fun to make. Too bad my nephew won't even appreciate it. He will literally sh*t all over my diaper cake. Ungrateful. 

5. Food

 If you want to keep the party guests and the pregnant lady happy, you may want to have some food as well. We had an assortment of cheeseburger sliders, mahi mahi sliders, corn on the cob, fruit salad, pasta salad, salad salad, and cheese and crackers. Also, cupcakes, lemon bars, and a candy bar. (Meaning, an assortment of candy. Not one bar. I'm not that cheap.)

6. Presents

You should also have presents. The baby would probably appreciate that. Similar to my diaper-shopping experience, I'm learning that babies need a lot of stuff. I still don't really understand what all of it is. And, it's hard to make educated guesses when they open the box and exclaim things like, "Oooh! A Boppy Cover!" 

7. Party Guests

Second only to "Pregnant Lady," this is a very important part of a successful shower. I'll let the pictures take it from here. 
Party guests in their funny noses/glasses. The group photo was my Mom's idea. 
Just some Dads hanging out at the bar. A bar with a onesie.
Jell-o shots. I told you. 
To recap: Pregnant Lady, Co-Host, Theme, Diaper Cake, Food, Presents, Party Guests.

That, my friends, is my recipe for a successful baby shower.

The bottom line is, we're so excited for this baby that we're going crazy. Grandma's doing Jell-O shots, everyone's wearing costume noses - welcome to the world, Baby Boy! We're your family. Get ready. It's gonna be awesome.

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