Sunday, February 3, 2013

MTV Cribs - 2013 Studio Apt Edition

Remember that show Cribs that used to be on MTV? Maybe it still is on MTV. I don't know. I don't have cable. Plus, I stopped watching MTV when Carson Daly retired from hosting Total Request Live and I no longer had heart palpitations at the thought of surprise TRL visits by Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. (Ah, the good ol' days.)
I promise, I have a point.

It occurred to me, as I was perusing back to the beginning of this blog  that I never actually showed you how my apartment turned out. I showed you bare walls, a work in progress, and said, "I'll update soon" and then, nothing.

I'm sorry. That was so rude of me. I'm going to share now. Not because my apartment is cool enough to be published but because, I want to keep my word. 

And also, I haven't really done anything blog-worthy lately. I've spent all week down-for-the-count with a stomach bug and I know you don't want me blogging about that. My poor parents already got all the details. There's something about being sick that makes you want to text your parents 12 times from the floor of the bathroom so your Mom can reassure you that you are not - in fact - dying. 

Good Lord, enough about that. Sorry. I'm delirious from spending most of the week shut-off from civilization. And, since I was unable to rest comfortably and also do not have cable, I was forced to watch multiple episodes of daytime television that frequently included the phrase, "You are NOT the father!" I've forgotten how to properly communicate with the outside world. 

As soon as I returned to the land-of-the-living and discontinued my viewing of televised paternity tests, I cleaned my apartment. I'm talking Lysol-on-every-surface-and-even-sweeping-under-the-sofa clean. So, this seems like the best time of any to make good on my blog promise to show you my new digs (well, nine-month-old digs). 

In no way do I expect my apartment to rock your world - it's a studio, after all. I just want you all to know that I don't still live among boxes. In case there was any concern. And, in honor of the name of this blog, I'll show you the NC touches in each of my rooms in DC - er, in each corner of my one room. 

First up, The Entryway. The Entryway is like a hall way except it lasts about two feet and then it becomes The Library.
 The Library:
NC Meets DC Moment:
The top shelf of The Library is my most favorite for it features the books by my family and friends - all NC natives. Note the inscriptions. One is not like the others. And that is why I love my sister. 
Across from The Library, is the entrance to The Dressing Room...also known as The Closet...also known as The Walkway to the Bathroom. There are clothes on one side, a dresser on the other, and a mirror that makes everyone look like an oompa loompa. That mirror thinks I'm 4'7" and 240. I try not to look in that mirror much. 
The Dressing Room leads you directly to The Bathroom. Toilet, sink, bathtub, shower...pretty standard. MTV Cribs would not be impressed. 
NC Meets DC Moment:
Carolina Brewery tasting glass as makeup brush holder. It's been retired as a vehicle for drinking beer because it's just too damn small. 
Now, let us retrace our steps back to The Library which is just a stone's throw from The Living Room. Actually it's more of a "stone's drop." If you throw the stone, it will probably go out the window. (Also, please no throwing things on the tour.) 
In case you didn't notice, there is a bed behind my sofa. Ladies and gentlemen....The Bedroom.
Now, turn around and please step into My Office
NC Meets DC Moment:
Before I left Charlotte, one of my sweet co-workers gave me this vase which I proudly display on my desk. 
As we walk back through The Living Room, we come to The Dining Room. Many meals have never been eaten at that table. I plan to dine there at some point.

From The Dining Room, we take a right into the heart of the home - The Kitchen.
While I have numerous cookbooks - some of which have actually been used - these three are my favorites right now, so I'm keeping them handy in the kitchen lest I have to walk all the way to the bookshelf in The Dining Room to get them. Who has time for that? You'll be glad to know that I am keeping with one of my New Year's Resolutions and trying at least one new recipe each week. Pretty much all of them have come from these three cookbooks or Pinterest. (Fine, one actually came from the back of the vegetable broth carton. Spoiler alert, it was a recipe for soup.)
I would also like to draw your attention to the following photo from my refrigerator. This is me and my grandmother "Beppy" in her garden. Please note that I am wearing snow boots, a yellow visor, a jean jacket and gardening gloves. I'm also "posing" like a super model. This may be why my modeling career never took off. Or, it could have been because of my wardrobe choices. I guess we'll never know...
NC Meets DC Moment:
Thanks to my Mom, I've started a collection of pieces from Durham, NC-based artist Siglinda Scarpa. Check out her website - she's incredible. 
That's about it y'all. If this was really MTV Cribs I'd walk you to the front door and say something dumb and cliche like "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here!" and then I'd wink. 

Unfortunately, I'm physically incapable of winking (it's true). So I'll just have to say, "See ya next time!" 

I promise to try to do something exciting and blog-worthy for the next post. In the meantime, Happy Super Bowl Sunday! GO FOOTBALL! GO COMMERCIALS! - I appreciate the Super Bowl for uniting all Americans in our inability to read Roman numerals

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