Monday, April 15, 2013


Hi, it's a been a while. 
This is the only photo I was able to take.
High quality photography skills, obviously. 

I tried to draft a post about the hilariously amazing Aziz Ansari show my sister and I attended a couple weeks ago but it never quite came together. We weren't able to take pictures once the show started and I didn't want to be one of those annoying stand up comedy fans who just retells the jokes, thinking it's as amusing when, in fact, it is not. Why do people do that? This ain't no comedy karaoke, bro. 

So, I didn't have much to go on. 

I did have a anecdote about how, while looking in my sister's purse before the show, she and I learned she is a hoarder of small boxed hand soaps. That was going to be the highlight of the post. That is why I scrapped the idea. For your own sake.

And, while this current post is almost less coherent than a review of a comedy show that includes a hand soap tangent, I feel like I have to write something. Why? Because I'm just so excited. We waited, prayed, complained and waited again. And happened. 


Hallelujah. It seems like just a week or two ago it was 20 degrees outside.

Most likely because, it was. But, no more, my friends. 

I was originally going to welcome the season with a post all about the Cherry Blossom Festival - a quintessential sign of a DC Spring. Then I remembered that I can't actually go down to the Tidal Basin because I have severe allergic reactions to strong smells - smells like hundreds of beautifully blossomed trees. 

I know, I know, I thought it was a made up allergy too. But, after every allergy test in the book and - as you may recall, a few sinus CT scans later - that's the diagnosis. It's called "non-allergen allergies"...or something like that. I don't remember. I even try to call BS and accused my allergist of making up a diagnosis, but he assured me that it's a real thing and tried to prove it with a pamphlet. If there's a pamphlet, it must be true. Maybe if I had read the pamphlet I'd remember what it was called. All I remember is that the pamphlet was full of diagrams of noses and sinuses so I didn't read it because...gross. The other major trigger to my non-allergen allergies? Drastic changes in the weather. You know, like when it's 20 degrees one week and 88 degrees the next week? Yeah, like that. 

However, even a runny nose and a sexy phlegmy cough can't keep me from being excited about springtime in DC.
This is not the Tidal Basin. Clearly. This is just a picture I took on my walk home. 
While I couldn't stroll the beautifully blossom-lined Tidal Basin on foot, I did get to see it from the car as I drove by. Even behind the protective, scent-blocking glass of a car window, it was breathtaking. 

This photo is gorgeous and not blurry. For those reasons, I clearly didn't take it.
Photo credit: Marc-Antoine Baudoux/AFP/Getty Images
I can't wait to break out the sundresses, hang out on the roof deck and have a few outside happy hours with my friends. The flowers are beautiful, the weather isn't quite yet melt-your-face-off hot and the sangria is flowing.  'Tis the season (at last)!

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