Friday, January 22, 2016

Blizzard 2016 – Here We Go

Last winter, we got about six inches of snow during one snowstorm. I could only think of maybe one other time when I'd seen that much snow at once. You don't get hashtag-worthy snow events like #snowmageddon or #snowpocalypse in North Carolina. All of our snowmen were always a weird reddish-greenish tint because they would be a mixture of snow and grass and mud. If you get enough snow to cover all the blades of grass, then it's a big deal. 

And now I'm working from home, awaiting a blizzard.

A blizzard. Like, 20-30 inches of snow. I'm sorry, WHAT?!

As I've said before, I love snow, most likely because it's always been such a rarity. I was stoked to hear we would be having a winter storm.  

Then, things got a little too real. 

My sister described it best in this text:

Historic. Epic. Life-threatening. Relentless. Paralyzing. These are just a handful of the words that have been used to describe this weekend's "snow event."

Geez, all I wanted was enough snow to build a non-grassy snowman and maybe post a few pretty snow pics on Instagram. 

Instead, I canceled my plans to fly to visit friends in Atlanta, and am preparing for 20-30+ inches of snow. I can't even fathom that much snow. Thirty inches is almost half of my height. My guess is that we'll get about 18-20 inches. Though, my guess is also worthless because what the heck do I know about snow. I'm so clueless about blizzards that when my work accidentally sent out a "tornado" alert instead of a snow-related alert, my thought was "Oh no! This must be a thing that happens when it snows a lot! It leads to tornadoes? OMG, who knew?!"

I did the best I could to prepare for the next 36 hours. I went to happy hour last night for a meal of guacamole and wine with friends before beginning my weekend of solitude. I made a list of all the shows and movies I plan to watch. I charged my phone and devices. I bought one of those big car scraper, snow brush things. (Last time I had to clear car with a pocket-size umbrella. Unsurprisingly, not efficient.) I even went and stocked up on groceries and Smart Water. I opted for Smart Water because I bet electrolytes are important in a snow storm. 

When I posted the photo below on social media, many of you were extremely concerned about my single bottle of wine. So I wanted to ease your worries and let you know that I had five other bottles at home. I actually only bought it because it was on sale. If I run out of wine in the next 36 hours then it will be okay because I will have already died of alcohol poisoning. 
Necessities. (Not pictured: a few fruits and vegetables. Boring stuff)
I also bought a snowsuit. Thank you, Amazon prime two-day shipping. I wasn't planning on purchasing any snow-related fashion  especially since I was supposed to be in Atlanta this weekend  but then my sister said she bought one and I got jealous. 
A snow bib. I've been told I should wear a jacket and not a tank top with it. Duly noted. Photo heavily filtered to overcompensate for no makeup. #WokeUpLikeThis
So here I am, sitting in my apartment, TV remote in one hand, cup of tea in the other.  And since I started writing this post, THE SNOW HAS STARTED. Here we go. I have food, shelter, that car scraper thing, and a snow bib. I think I'll be okay. I can do this

Unless Netflix crashes, then GOD HELP US ALL.  

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