Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Dad's Day!

The last time I wrote a poem it was for Mother’s Day
Well, today is for Fathers and I've got something to say.

Now a lot of people say they have the world’s best Dad,
But you people are crazy, you’re totally mad.

Because MY Dad is the best one that ever there is
If Fatherhood is a job, he’s CEO of the biz.

I certainly can’t fit all the reasons on here
But I’ll do what I can - at least til I finish my beer.

You may know my Dad as a writer or director,
But to me he’s a car mechanic, and a computer corrector.

He’s a smoke alarm fixer and a killer of bugs
He’s a teller of cheesy jokes and a giver of hugs.

My dad always came to every performance and game
Even when I was in Show Choir with a sequined vest – so lame.

He helped me face my fears – like a roller coaster ride
Although, it’s because he wouldn’t buy lunch til I tried.

Thanks to him I have an appreciation for banjo play
Even though my mom makes him play outside, far away.

He always takes my calls and has time to talk
When I ask him dumb questions, he listens, doesn’t balk.

He’s a story-teller all around from books to TV,
And I’m sure he’s the reason for the nerdiness in me.

He taught me to be honest, have respect and a big heart
To be ambitious and not complacent and always do my part.

You'll have to bear with me as the rhymes aren't a-flowin'
But I love my dad and hopefully that's showin'

This poorly constructed poem of memories and rhyme
Doesn't nearly do justice to this father of mine.

But what can I say, I gave it a whirl.
Bottom line is I’ll always be a Daddy’s girl.


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