Monday, October 1, 2012

My Card Collection (and a few tangents)

Well, there's no turning back now. I'm officially a card carrying DC resident. I'm not referring to my DC drivers license or my voter registration card*. I'm talking the cards that really matter. The cards that show you are not only a "resident" of a city but that you live there, like, really live there. 

Cards like these:

*Tangent alert: If you aren't registered to vote. Then, DO IT. A voter registration card is one of the MOST important cards. Seriously. You can register here.  

As a DC resident, I've acquired a very special card that means I'm now trusted to borrow (and return) books. In fact, I've already racked up a fine. How about that for fully committing to residency - I'm an official monetary donor to the DC Public Library system! You're welcome. 

The first books checked out on my new card? The Litigators by John Grisham and South of Broad by Pat Conroy (Only because I've already read all the books by Mark de Castrique and Melissa de Castrique Thomson)

I haven't started either The Litigators or South of Broad. .

But I will. Soon. (And, they've already been renewed. I'm not that generous with my donations.)

*Tangent alert #2: I haven't started them because I was reading Gone Girl. It's all kinds of crazy - psycho crazy and also crazy good. I read it over a weekend because I couldn't put it down. (And also, I'm apparently still pretty lame and had no other plans.)

As illustrated above, in addition to my library eligibility, I've also been deemed worthy of receiving discounts at Giant, CVS and Walgreens. I'm not actually a huge fan of Giant (as I'm a self-proclaimed grocery snob) and I have only been there on two occasions, but I promptly signed up for a customer card because, that's what you're supposed to do. And, by golly if I didn't get 50 cents off of toilet paper. Booyah. 

You should be aware of another important retail development in my life that I don't think I have adequately addressed on this blog yet.

There is a Target exactly 1.8 miles from my house. 

That's walkable, you guys. 

That. Is. Trouble. 

I haven't actually tried to walk there though because - seeing as this is not my first Target rodeo - I know that I will go there for paper towels and instead leave with more bags than I can carry for 1.8 miles. You may say, "But Lindsay, if you walk there, then it will ensure that you don't buy more than what you need." To you, I say, "Are you new?" 

When I'm standing there by the shoes and then again by the sunglasses and then again by home decor and then again in the make-up section, I won't be thinking, "You don't need these things. You won't be able to carry them home." Instead I'll be saying to myself, "Lindsay. This is a good deal. You should take a cab home." 

That's why I've only been to Target twice in the last three months (when I first discovered its proximity). I drove both times. But, I like knowing it's there and thought you would like to know too. 1.8 miles, you guys. 1.8 miles.

I don't really have much more to say. I haven't posted in about a month and so you probably thought I was saving up for a really exciting post. 

Well, you were right. 

If you didn't think that was exciting then maybe you should read the part about the LIBRARY CARD again. 

Tangent alert #3:  If having a library card doesn't show you that you're officially at home, getting sick will. Last week I found a new doctor and visited my local Walgreens 5 times in 3 days (using my "balance rewards" card each time!) Spending four days on the couch, confined to a studio also confirmed that I truly feel comfortable and enjoy my apartment. Apparently allergies in NC are different than in DC and require new drugs. I could write a whole post about that. But I won't. I already made you read a whole post about cards. That is, assuming you made it this far. 

Don't worry. I didn't take them all at once. Although I did eat those  cough drops like a boss.
Don't blame me that this post isn't more thrilling. I told you straight up in my first post that this blog would be about my move to a new city. And these, my friends, are the facts about moving. Being a part of a new community isn't all about trying out the coolest restaurants or seeing the sights, sometimes it's about collecting customer appreciation cards. Simple as that.


  1. Oh Linds. I feel like we are experiencing much the same. I also have new cards, but mostly just Wegmans and Giant. There is a Giant across the street so I go fairly frequently. HT it is not, but Wegmans is an OMG! I too, have a Target way too near my house and it seems like I do a daily run there.

    I too read (listened) to Gone Girl this weekend and it is a crazy book. And I mean that in an interesting way! And, finally, I, too, am seeing first hand the differences between NC and VA allergies. We must be related ��

  2. We were a bit spoiled with so many stellar HTs in Charlotte. People always rave about Wegman's but I've never been. I've been mostly hitting up farmers' markets, Whole Foods, and the HT near Melissa's house. The HT isn't too inconvenient since I'm out that way almost once a week visiting my good buddy, Baby Charlie.

    I think my parents would like Gone Girl. You'll have to help me convince them to read/listen to it!