Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy Anniversary, DC!

Dear Washington, DC,

Happy Anniversary!

Making the move.
Just one year ago today, I was trekking from apartment to apartment with my mom, searching for a place to live. The day before, we'd packed up my car and I made the one-way drive to you. I remember it was March 15 because it was a Thursday, two days before Saturday, March 17th. I remember that not because March 17th is St. Patrick's Day but because - if I'd still been in my old job - I'd have been working at a taping of The Bachelor - a taping of The Bachelor that included The Muppets. That's not the kind of thing you forget.

Yet, I wasn't there with Kermit and Chris Harrison; I was here with you instead. We were embarking on our own journey of love (ugh, *gag* I almost couldn't type that.).
Me and The Bachelor.
Just kidding. This was actually the beginning of my love affair
with sangria at Alero and the first night in my new 'hood.
Although I miss my family, friends and co-workers in Charlotte, I have to say, you've been pretty good to me, DC. It's been an exciting, confusing, fun and patriotic year, filled with great people, new experiences and the overuse of numerous navigation apps.

Since this blog was established to chronicle my move and experiences in our nation's capital, it seems only appropriate that we reflect back on our year together and commemorate this milestone.

(We should also celebrate that this blog survived a whole year. I have to be honest, I thought this thing would be kaput after three months, six months tops.)

DC, you've provided me with many memorable moments over the last year. Some of my favorites include that time...

...I hung out with Anderson Cooper and Alex Trebek at Jeopardy. I learned that the podium is unnecessary and that Trebek is sick of talking about his mustache. (RIP Trebek's mustache)

...Mayer Hawthorne serenaded me from the stage after his opening act tried to induce seizures. Also, Lauren got a busted ankle from aggressive making-outers. (It's a word. Just go with it.)

...I saw the First Lady's vegetable garden.

...I had my first VA day trip to go wine tasting and play dress up with Culpeper's prodigal daughter.

...My sister and I met Jay Pharaoh and played it totally cool. I'm talking, reeeeal smoothlike. No big deal. We were 100 percent completely not awkward. Ok, fine. We were kind of awkward.

...I got to see President Barack Obama sworn in for a second term. Then I drank beer and ate a homemade pop tart.

..I somehow convinced the White House that I am an important tweeter and they invited me to join an impressive group of people to watch the State of the Union from the Executive Office Building and discuss policy with White House advisers. #WHSocial

And, of course...

....that time I became an AUNT! 

(Things I could've done without this year? Bigoted legislation in NC, my apartment catching on fire, and my sweet baby nephew in the hospital for Christmas. These aren't your fault, DC, but they happened and can't be ignored, even in your anniversary letter.)

DC, overall, it's been a good year. You with your high rents, me with my dwindling budget...somehow, we've made it work.

I hear the gift for the first year is "taxes," right? Well, I've certainly given you plenty of those. You're welcome, by the way.

Here's to a stellar year two. Cheers to you and me!


P.S. Thanks to all the wonderful people who welcomed me to this fine city and patiently waited when I was late to meet them because I got lost.


  1. You'll need to create a new thread; new blog Lindsay.....I've become addicted!
    xoxo Aunt Kathy

  2. Haha. I'll try to find non-boring things to do to keep this one going. I promise!