Sunday, March 4, 2012

And So We Begin...

Welcome to my blog, NC Meets DC.

If you read my previous blog, How I Met Your Blogger, then, I'm sorry. That was a train wreck. It didn't even have a permanent name. That name was supposed to be a placeholder because I was watching How I Met Your Mother while I did it.

Well, today is a new day. A new blog with a permanent name. So, basically, what I'm saying is, it's on

If you're currently reading this post, then you are most likely related to me. (Hi Mom.) But, I hope, at some point, we can branch out to include some new friends as well. And, if you are my mom, then I apologize in advance if I use any inappropriate language.

I'm asking you, the readers of this blog, to join me in my adventure as I move from North Carolina, where I've spent about 26 years and 7 months* of my life (I studied abroad for 4 months in college and I'm counting that as living somewhere else to make myself sound more "worldly"). Now, I'm embarking on a new job and a new city - our nation's capital, Washington, DC. (And its fine suburban surroundings). 

Ok, so NC to DC isn't that much of a stretch out of my comfort zone. It's not like I'm moving somewhere totally different like the moon, or New Jersey. (Is it cliché to refer to New Jersey? I think probably yes. Let's give them a break. Let's scratch that and say, "Canada" instead. Eh?) But, I promise you semi-entertaining anecdotes along the way. From moving adventures, like, the way my Mom constantly calls "U-Haul" "U-Haul-It" to the everyday experiences of getting lost in a new city. You can witness me try to cram furniture from a 950 sq ft apt into a 300 sq ft studio (that may be when the inappropriate language kicks in) and hear me vent frustrations when people use the term barbecue incorrectly. (My sister, a current resident of my new city, has already forewarned me of this. You GUYS, a BBQ involves a pig. A COOK-OUT means you're grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. What is wrong with you people?)

If you read, then I promise to try to make it interesting. Unless its not, in which case, this blog may be fated to join How I Met Your Blogger in my blogspot graveyard. But, I say we give this bad boy a fighting chance, shall we? 

Til next time, 


*I got really confused trying to calculate that. So, it's probably not right.

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  1. i'm not family and i'm already reading it! also, it's not cliche to reference nj, because even just living across the river form it in pa is like living in a foreign country. also, aj loves to remind people that bbq involves smoke, and that hot dogs and burgers have nothing to do with it.

    glad to have another charlottean heading up this way! we're trying to make plans to go visit jessica in baltimore sometime this spring, so we'll have to get together with you too!

    good luck on your new adventure!
    katherine (mealor)

  2. Thanks, Katherine! Yes, we'll have to all meet up this spring. Hopefully, I'll even have a place to live by then! Fingers crossed...

  3. sweet jesus. this is going to be my f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. blog.

  4. Ellen, you are t.h.e. b.e.s.t. You have to come visit me in D.C. please.

  5. Lindsay, congrats on your new job. Can't wait to hear more, and I will bookmark your blog! All the best to you, sweetie!

  6. You and your sister will have to venture out to VA sometime for a southern style potluck! Glad to have another Charlottean up here. Saunders