Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Advice...You're Welcome.

I put the "pro" in procrastination because I procrastinate like. it's. my. job. I've especially demonstrated my procrastination skills over the last two weeks while I'm supposed to be packing. (In fact, I'm supposed to be packing right now). Unfortunately, packing is super boring, but I've discovered a few secrets to battle the "box blahs." At the risk of sounding hypocritical, I thought I'd share them with you all. 

  • Be Selective in Your TV Programming.
Since I live by myself in a relatively small apartment, I have the TV on. A lot. It's great background noise. It's also great when you're doing the aforementioned super boring task of packing up everything you own. But, be warned, you should not watch just any show. For example, this past weekend I thought, "Great! I'll pack while I watch all the college basketball tournaments! I'll get this all done in no time!" Um, WRONG. The TV went on, the games were exciting, and two hours later, I realize I'm still sitting in the same spot on the couch. And, magically a beer has appeared in my hand. How did THAT happen?

Not my house. I just want to make sure that's clear.
Sunday night, I came across the perfect show to watch while packing: Hoarders. I started watching past episodes of Hoarders on Netflix and, lemme tell ya,  nothing motivates you to pack like watching an obese woman, surrounded in filth and animal carcasses, stressed about the impending doom of losing her children to Social Services. Not only did I want to organize and pack, but I wanted to throw away everything! Thank you, hoarder people, for inspiring me. I selfishly use your dire situation as motivation for myself, but I do wish you all the best. I would send you a greeting card telling you that, but you already have 700 greeting cards.

  • Take Breaks

Ok, don't take as many breaks as I do. However, I notice that after I've stepped away, gone for a walk, visited friends, etc, then there is a solid hour of great packing time that follows. The problem for me is that I take another break after that hour. And, my breaks usually far outlast my spurts or productivity. I'm still working out the ratio on that one. Like, last night for example, I emptied out a drawer of my dresser into an organized box and then went to the movies with my Dad. I did no more packing after that. I was tired from the movie.

Side Note: We saw John Carter. It was weird yet strangely interesting. It was also 2.5 hours of Taylor Kitsch without his shirt on....in 3D. So, overall, totally worth it. And, I got to go with my Dad, of course. I probably should've mentioned that first. I don't mean to make my priorities sound like a shirtless Taylor Kitsch is more important than quality time with my dad. Although, when the shirtless Taylor Kitsch is in 3-D.... (Just kidding. Love you Dad!)

Additional Side Note: I had to put hand sanitizer on my 3D glasses because my Dad freaked me out when I asked "Why do we have to return them? So they can sanitize them and put them back in the bag?" and he responded, "Probably just so they can put them back in the bag." Ew, gross. I wonder if there is someone who hoards 3D glasses. That would be an interesting Hoarders episode.

Ok, where were we...

Right, breaks. Take breaks from packing. Don't take 4 long walks over the span of 2 days like I did or go to Target because you think you'll probably need to buy paper towels at some point in the next few days anyways (as well as shoes, chapstick, and a picture frame). Take 30 minute breaks just to break the monotony of "pack, seal, label, repeat."

  • Be As Specific As Possible With Your Labels

I'm not quite the poster child for this, but I hear it's a good thing to do.

  • Throw Things Away

If you need a reason why you should throw things away, please see tip #1 about the hoarder people. If you haven't seen an object in 6 months, then you probably don't need it. It can be exciting cleaning out your closet and finding something that makes you exclaim, "Yes! I totally forgot I had this!" But, pretend it never happened. If you could easily forget about it, then you easily won't miss it. For example: I found 2 airplane neck pillows in the back of my closet. I've traveled successfully many times without them. I also don't have two necks. Those aren't making the move. 


  1. i buy a picture frame every time i go to target. i have no idea why. usually they're on clearance, but not always. i'm going to be on hoarders some day as the crazy picture frame lady.

  2. Do you have your own pictures in your frames? I think you only risk being a hoarder if you are displaying them (or storing them) with the pictures that come in them.

  3. Shoot. I was hoping that was a picture of your apartment. Then I would have felt better about myself.