Saturday, March 10, 2012

To Pack or Not to Pack, That is the Question

It's amazing how much stuff I have. And, I'm not really a hoarder. (I say "not really" because there is an overabundance of magazines and lint rollers scattered throughout my apartment. Ok, like, 5 lint rollers but, who wants to walk around all linty?) But, once you start packing an apartment, you realize how much stuff there really is. I am proud to say that I've trashed or donated quite a bit. Should you visit a Charlotte area Goodwill, you may become the proud owner of many t-shirts, koozies, and mugs that were once mine. You can also snag a few sundresses that I never wore but bought on sale because "they were such a good deal."

While I have no problem being decisive and parting with things I've accumulated, there are a few items that have me puzzled. What do I do with these gems?
My face.

1. The Sinus CT Scan

Yep, you heard me. I have a scan of my sinuses currently on the top shelf of my closet. My allergist made me take these 2.5 years ago and said I "should hold onto them for the future." Is it enough in the future? Can I get rid of these? Part of me wants to pack them in their own box and write on it "Pictures of Sinus Cavities" just to see the response of whoever is helping me carry boxes. Or, my plan B is to frame them with a little plaque that says, "I'm always watching over you. Love, Lindsay" and present it to a family member on a holiday. Is this one of those things that I'll get rid of and then go to a new allergist and (s)he'll be all, "What do you mean you don't have a CT scan of your sinuses? Didn't your previous doctor tell you that you should hold onto them for the future?" 

2. The Wii Fit Balance Board
Not the Wii. Just the balance board. My former 
roommate had the Wii and my contribution to everything was the Wii Fit. I wanted it so badly. I called around to 3 different Best Buys before I found one. Cut to three years later when I no longer have a roommate and I no longer have a Wii. Just a Wii balance board. A dusty Wii balance board. Do I sell it? I still have the game that goes with it. But, does that have all my info on it? I don't need some stranger knowing how much I weighed 3 years ago. Or, does that info get saved on the actual Wii console? If so, then I don't need my former roommate knowing how much I weighed 3 years ago either. Is there's a chance I would get a Wii - do I save it? So many questions.

The wine bottle opener and a bottle of wine NOT
opened by the wine bottle opener.
3. The Inoperable [by me and a few others] Wine Bottle Opener
Sure, it makes me look like a high-tech wine connoisseur - like a sophisticated young woman who appreciates a taste of the finer things. But, can I work the damn thing? No. It is impossible. It should be easy - place it over the cork, press the down arrow until it stops, reverse it back out. Nope. All I'm left with is a split cork and an empty wine glass. My parents have one of these that works great. This one, notsomuch. And, it isn't completely user error like many things I deem "inoperable" are because I've had friends try and they find it challenging and frustrating too. Yet, I can't bring myself to throw it away. I feel bad throwing away a "gadget" - I mean, it has its own charging station! That's legit! I thought about giving it to Goodwill but, what if it is faulty and then I've tricked some poor soul into purchasing a wine bottle opener that will fail to do that very thing that is its name! The wine bottles will not be opened! Perhaps I will leave it for the future inhabitant of my apartment.



  1. i get so excited every time i read a blog post and can vouch for something our beloved author says. confirmation: that damn gadget does not work.