Monday, March 5, 2012

Making a list, [not] checking it twice...

An ACTUAL to-do list, you guys.
I've never had a to-do list quite this long. Ever. I am a big fan of making to-do lists. The thing is, I never actually look at them once I've made them. I guess writing tasks down somehow ingrains them in my mind and I rarely, if ever, have to refer back to the list.

Or, I'm just so tired and stressed from making the list that I'm too lazy to pull it back out and double check. If something was really that important then I'd remember it, right? Now that I think about it, making to-do lists is a way I deceitfully convince myself that I'm organized.

Alas, I digress.

If there ever was a time for me to effectively make use of a to-do list, that time would be now. Actually, it would be about 5 minutes ago because I'm already way behind.

I have nine days to do things I should've been doing all year.

- Go to the dentist for a teeth-cleaning (try to score some free floss)

- Start flossing every day in preparation for said dentist appointment so they think that's the norm

 - Also have the dentist do some kind of procedure that is supposed to help me stop grinding my teeth but I don't exactly know what it is because I never fully listened to the explanation or read the quote he gave me

- Refill every prescription I have

- Find a place to live

- Dry clean all those clothes that are lumped in the back of my closet

- Catch up on my annual physicals while I still have insurance

- Quit the gym

- Eat sweet potato fries at Big Daddy's (preferably before I quit the gym, for the sake of my waistline)

- Purchase more Panthers' paraphernalia so I can properly represent

- Go to the ABC store to get more boxes for packing

- Go to the ABC store to get more liquor for drinking
(Just kidding. I prefer the wine aisle at Trader Joe's)

- Pack up my apartment

- Clean my apartment

- Search Pinterest for ideas on how to cram my 950 sq ft apt into a 300 sq ft studio

- Clean out the Christmas tree stand that's been sitting in my living room since, well, Christmas.

- Buy more toothpaste (This is probably the most time sensitive.)

- Clean out my closet and drop clothes off at Goodwill

- Call about my car insurance (so they can increase it, I assume)

 - Something about my 401K

- Call the car dealership from which I leased my car

- Forward my mail (but to where??)

- Call the bank and update address

- Change my mailing address for Netflix (crucial)

- Change my address for my student loans

- Learn how to parallel park

- Go to Yoforia and try the Girl Scout cookie topping

I obviously haven't prioritized these yet, seeing as the Yoforia visit is at the bottom of the list.

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