Thursday, April 19, 2012

Don't Let Me Down, NC.

I try not to make this blog more serious than it needs to be and, more importantly, I try not to take myself too seriously. Because, really, who am I? I'm a twenty-something who likes to share anecdotes with friends and occasionally be snarky. In no way do I ever think my opinions on restaurants, museums, or people-who-wear fanny packs are anything more than tidbits you read on your phone while sitting in a waiting room. I get that. 

That said, I do need to share my opinion on a topic that has nothing to do with Metro Rides or frozen yogurt. We'll get back to those important topics soon. 

While this blog is about my move to DC, it is also still very much about my home state of NC. I mean, NC is in the title y'all. So, I've decided that it isn't just enough to post articles and forwards on Facebook. I'm moving this message to the blog as well. In hopes that just maybe someone from NC stumbles upon it. 

I'm talking Amendment One, you guys. 

When Amendment One was proposed, my first thought was, WTF North Carolina?! And, that's not a term I use often. I'm more of a "what-the-heck" and "daggone-it" kind of a girl. This makes NO sense. Why blatantly hurt and undercut part of the population? Amendment One is a direct "F-you" to a group of people who already  don't have the rights they deserve. 

I'm a heterosexual woman who hopes to someday fall in love and marry the man of my dreams. I'm glad to be able to have that dream. Other than by a drought of eligible bachelors, my dream is not threatened. And, I don't see how my future marriage with my future husband will be negatively impacted by more people being in committed, loving relationships. I could go on and on about why I think gay marriage should be legal or on why, as a Christian, my faith is in no way rattled by the notion of gay marriage.

But, that's not even what this is about. 

This isn't about legalizing gay marriage. 

It's about changing our constitution. Changing it in a way that will harm people. 

This amendment affects more than just homosexual couples. You think you or people you love won't be harmed by this amendment? You're wrong. Read more here.

Or, watch this: 

Now, am I an expert on politics? No. Am I an expert on frozen yogurt? Yes. Given these qualifications, I'm going to link to some of my favorite articles from the people who said it best and know what they're talking about.

All I ask of you, North Carolina, is that you educate yourself and really understand what you're deciding. Please don't embarrass me up here in DC by letting this thing pass. It's been awesome to see so many friends on Facebook express their opposition to the Amendment. But now you need to get out and vote no. There are too many people who stand to get hurt if you don't. It's too important.

Early voting started today. I wish I could be there. But, I'm trusting you to vote no. 

Many have been sharing this powerful video. So, I leave you with this: