Thursday, April 5, 2012

My [Almost] Quintessential DC Moment

Today, I had a very "DC" experience.

You guys,



the PRESIDENT's car.

Yeah, ok. It wasn't the President. But, it was his car and hey, I haven't even been here a month yet. I'm not expecting him to personally invite me for dinner or anything until at least month 4. Or, maybe we could just have a beer or two in the rose garden after I spend the afternoon shopping with the First Lady and hearing about how to get arms like her's. That's what people in DC do, right? 

So here's how it all went down. I was leaving work and heading on my merry way to Metro (which I can do without the aid of the iPhone maps, by the way) and I saw the streets were completely backed up with cars. 

(I'm not sure why I thought I needed to clarify it was cars. Maybe you thought they were backed up with something turtles or something? That probably would've been a more exciting blog post. Can you imagine? Geez, so many turtles.)

Anyways, I turned the corner and saw that the road (16th Street, I think? I don't know. It's the one with the fancy building at which I make a left turn. That's how I know it) was completely closed and there were police officers everywhere and an ambulance on the corner. My first thought was not, "Oh no. Was there an accident? Is everyone ok?" My first thought was, "Damnit, that's the only route I know to the Metro. Ugh, now what?" Because, apparently I've become completely self-absorbed. Although, to my credit, my second thought was, "Oh no! I hope everyone is ok!"

As I got closer, I noticed that there was a crowd of about 30 people standing on the corner. And...then...I...heard...The President. 

Not the President himself. I meant, I heard someone say the words, "The President." Sorry if I got your hopes up. (But, your hopes really shouldn't be up because I started out this whole thing by telling you I only saw a car.)

Apparently President Obama was attending an event at the hotel across the street. The motorcade was along the side and the Presidential limo, complete with American flags, was parked in the front circle. Doesn't that limo have an official name like Air Force One does? I'm too lazy to look it up. I'm tired from all my car-sight-seeing.

(Side note: last time I was in DC I saw Air Force One! Now I just need to see the Presidential yacht or whatever else he has. Presidential bicycle? Maybe I could do a coffee table book about presidential vehicles for transportation.)

I looked at all the people standing on the corner with their cameras ready to aim. I thought, "I want to do that! I want to see the President!" But then, something in me said, "No, Lindsay. You are no tourist. You should be complaining about the disruption to the commute or the squealing tourists. You live here now." But, you know what? SCREW THAT, Y'ALL. If I, as a DC resident, can't get excited about seeing the President and have a DC moment, then hand me a fanny pack and call me a tourist. You heard me. 

I proudly stood on that corner. 

I waited. 

I took some pictures. 

I texted my mom. 

Then, I saw the President's car. 

It was empty. It drove from the circle to the side of the building where I assume he got in. Neither me nor any of my fellow sidewalk paparazzi saw him get into the car but a few minutes later the entire motorcade pulled away. So, either the President got into the car or that chauffeur is about to lose his job. 

I guess today is not the day I get to meet the President. But, this is the story I'll share when I tell my kids about the day I saw the President's car. They probably won't be impressed because they'll be so busy with their flying cars and spaceships and all. I was hoping this would be the story of "how I met your father" because, in the 15 minutes I was standing on that corner, I kind of started crushing on a few of the Secret Service fellas. Maybe it was just the sunglasses. I'll have to ask the President about them next time we hang out. 

You all should be happy because I was planning to write a post about the DMV. No joke. The story about seeing a car with little American flags seems pretty fascinating now doesn't it?

Don't worry. You'll still get the DMV story. It's probably a two-parter. You're welcome. 

UPDATE: 9:46pm - I just realized that I lied to you all. Last time I was in DC, I didn't see the plane Air Force One, I saw the helicoptor land at the White House. I just wanted to clear that up.  

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