Sunday, April 1, 2012

Move In Day: All good things end in sangria

Yesterday was the big day. And, this post should really just be one big "Thank You" list so I think that's how it should start:

Thank you:
1. Mom, Dad, Melissa, Pete, and Mark for spending their Saturday unloading my stuff
2. Lady at the front desk for answering all my freight elevator questions and also for ignoring the fact that I took about 10 chocolates from the candy dish
3. The people moving in after me who said we could have a few more minutes on the freight elevator
4. The RCN guy for showing up on time and giving me the gift that keeps on giving: internet/cable (It's also the gift I keep on paying for so I guess I gave myself the gift.)
5. My neighbors for ignoring all my furniture that filled the hallway
6. My neighbors for not getting mad that I slammed the door every 10 minutes.
7. Jelly beans for being so delicious
8. My Mom for buying wine/beer for the move
9. Mark and Pete for their patience
10. House Hunters for being on TV at all times and providing entertainment
11. Alero for sangria.
12. Mom, Dad, Melissa, Pete, and Mark again.

We ventured out around 9:30a.m. to get my keys and check out my new digs. I couldn't actually have access to the loading dock or freight elevator until 3pm, but the RCN guy was supposed to be there between 11am and 2pm. And, we all know that internet/cable was far more of a priority to me than having a bed, clothes, or furniture.

After the TV/Internet was set up (victory!), we made our way back out to Arlington to pick up the truck and load up a few more items. As was previously mentioned, we had the elevator from 3pm-5pm. But, due to the nature of driving a 15-ft Budget truck in the city, we didn't actually arrive until 4pm. Oops.

Here's an "action shot" taken by the "chase car" following the truck. (Yes, we were highly organized. It was sort of like the Presidential Motorcade except less presidential. And, instead of black bullet-proof SUVs, there was a Budget rent-a-truck and a white Toyota Rav. But, other than that, it was pretty much the same thing. Although I didn't see them, I hear walkie-talkies were involved. This is why I need a guest blogger to help recount the day - any takers??)

So, anyways, the late arrival gave us exactly 1 hr. We'd have to move like we'd never moved before.

GAME ON. This is where I give a special shout-out to Mark and Pete for their superb moving skills. Basically, they are just two "heavy-lifting back braces" away from being professional movers.

I don't know how it happened, but we did it. My boxes upon boxes and chairs upon chairs were loaded onto an elevator and unloaded into my tiny apartment in record time. There was no time for the normal move-in fun like riding down the hallway on the dolly cart (or whatever that thing is called...this is why I had Mark and Pete).

Then, the real fun began. How do you rearrange everything when there is no room to rearrange anything? Here's a hint: you let your mom take the lead. My mom began unpacking boxes like nothing I've ever seen. Slowly but surely, my hoarders-esque apartment started to look like a viable place to live. (more photos at the end)
Reconnecting the TV on the media stand. Priority. 

A rare sighting of floor space during the move-in.
And, as any move-in day should, it ended in with a celebratory meal. Although, I kind of wish I could have worn a sign that said, "Attention new neighbors: I moved in today. That's why I've ventured out into public on a Saturday night wearing spandex pants, a sweaty t-shirt, and no make-up. I promise that I normally try harder." 

We went to Alero in Cleveland Park and it was delicious. They also accommodated our eight person group with no problems which was great because we were a hungry bunch. At least I know I was hungry. The jelly beans I'd been sneaking all day were not proper move-in day nutrition. I don't really remember the level of deliciousness of the spinach quesadilla I ordered at Alero, but I remember the sangria being super delicious which is one of the highest levels of deliciousness. So, that's really all that matters.

The aforementioned sangria.

"Cheers" to Move-In Day!
"You have to stand here with this statue and I have to take your picture!" - Mom
I'm not sure what greater power was telling her this "had" to happen, but apparently we had no choice. So, here it is. 
So, how do we follow up such an exciting day? Why, with shopping of course! As soon as I post this, watch an episode of House Hunters, and empty a suit case, I'm heading to meet my sister and Mom to buy some much-needed apartment items and then it's back to unpacking. I should also probably go grocery shopping because, right now, my refrigerator is just filled with "Move-In Day" necessities: bottled water, wine, beer, and guacamole. (Please see "Exhibit A")
Exhibit A
I'll be sure to keep you posted on progress. Thanks again to all my Moving Day helpers!

Here's the status of Operation Move-In after 18 hours:


  1. Lindsay, only you can make moving day seem like fun. Many happy days in your new you!Aunt Kathy

  2. This blog is AWESOME! Love it :-D Can't wait to see it in person. Rock on cuzzer L, rock on.