Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Update


I wish I had some witty anecdote or thoughtful story I could tell you but, I'm just plain tired. I guess that's the sign of a good weekend, right? I attempted to fully embrace my new city this weekend and tried some great new places thanks to my DC tour guide and future neighbor, Jessica. Here's how my gloriously exciting weekend shaped up:

Destination: The Container Store
Highlight: Organized silverware drawer and spice rack - Lindsay: 1, Kitchen: 0
Hold on to your hats, kids. It gets even more exciting than this. Try to contain yourselves. (pun intended.)

Destination: DMV Inspection Site (I woke up at 5:50a.m. You heard me. City life, y'all. It's exciting)
Highlight: I passed! (Now, I just have 1 more trip to the DMV to which I can look forward)

Destination: My neighborhood, Cleveland Park.
Highlight: I walked about 5 miles up and down the street to explore where I live. I love my neighborhood. I also love the pumpkin ravioli I bought at Vace.

Destination: Veritas
Highlight: It's a wine bar so, I'm going to go with the wine as a highlight. (Oh, and the good company. Sorry, Jess) They have wine on tap. ON TAP. I'm trying to figure out how I can get that in my own kitchen.

Highlight: HOLY gelato, you guys! I mean that as an exaggerated exclamation. Although, that gelato very well might be holy because I swear it's straight from heaven. I enjoyed some dulce de leche and tiramisu. Because Jessica flirted with the guy working there, we also go samples of the salted caramel flavor they weren't bringing out until the next day. It was AMAZING. (And, by "flirted," I mean that she asked him, "Does your wrist really hurt from scooping gelato? I had a friend who scooped ice cream and had really sore wrists." I questioned her tactic but the guy seemed pretty into it.)

Destination: Christ Church, Georgetown
Highlight: Beautiful music in a lovely church. My Presbyterian-raised self was only slightly confused during the Episcopalian service. There was more kneeling than I've ever expected.
2nd Highlight: The older woman behind us spent the beginning of the service telling her neighbor that she was having a hard time keeping up with American Idol this year but that she has it TiVo'd. She finds last year's Scotty McCreery to be very marketable.
3rd Highlight: We got the church giggles because some guy's last name was Crotch. (Me and Jessica. Not, me and the older woman behind us.)

Jessica and pretty flowers. Very Easter-y.

Destination: Poste
Highlight: Poste has a very cool courtyard and great food. It also has bottomless mimosas. I had a delicious spinach omelette served on mixed greens. Oh, I also had the bottomless mimosas, in case that wasn't clear.

Destination: Smithsonian Portrait Gallery
Highlight: I hadn't been here before so I loved all of it. The gallery of presidential portraits reiterated to me how little I know about U.S. Presidents. It's kind of embarrassing how many of those fellows I hadn't even heard of. Some dude named Lincoln? I'm just kidding. I know Lincoln...he chopped down that cherry tree. But, seriously, I can't tell you much about any of our Presidents in the 19th century. I'm looking at you Chester Arthur and Franklin Pierce! We also visited the Video Games exhibit. I unsuccessfully tried to play Myst. Turns out I'm pretty bad at video games seeing as I couldn't even figure out how to start it. I banged on the buttons. That didn't work.  Also, there were the bottomless mimosas to factor in. That may account for my video game handicaps.

Presidential portraits and portraits of LL Cool J...what more could you need in a museum?
Television installation. Try looking at this after 4 mimosas.

Bonus Highlight from Sunday:

I successfully parallel parked in one swoop. It was an Easter Miracle!

Once again,
Happy Easter!

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